Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco Vegan Tours

price from 200€ /person

Morocco Vegan Tours:

Our vegan tours focus on cultural immersion and local interactions, we adapt our tours to become more green, and more nature friendly ! Travel with us in the most comfortable way for your believes without having to give up the fun part of traveling in Morocco and exploring its variety of landscapes, the warmth of its sun and the hospitality of its people.

Vegetarian and Vegan food:

The concept of a vegetarian is already spreading in Morocco, but the concept of a vegan is still unknown to most people here. We may not be vegans but we understand the difference and we respect your commitment towards the animal kingdom and towards nature in general. The multiple hotels, bivouacs and restaurants we work with are flexible to offer light and heavy vegan meals so you can eat well and right at the same time. Morocco is well known for its agricultral wealth, the land provides a huge variety of vegetables and fruits and our partners know how turn them into delicious dishes.

Animal kingdom? we do care about it

Thankfully, Animals in Morocco are treated well most of the time. This is probably due to the religious background of the country. In islam, all lifes are sacred, and the Coran has many stories about the compassion we should have towards animals even though they are not literally vegan stories but you get the idea. Some of our tours include riding mules to reach a berber village or riding a camel to reach the bivouacs in the middle of the desert; As a vegan, you have the choice to walk on foot without the mules to the berber villages, and in the desert, you can either walk with the camel caravane without riding one or go with your driver in the 4x4 car until the bivouac.